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Posted by on Dec 9, 2013 in Blog, Featured, Releases |

Introducing : Starcrawlers

Introducing : Starcrawlers

StarCrawlers is an endless first-person RPG adventure with procedurally generated levels, enemies, events, and of course, loot! StarCrawlers also features deep character customization and a tactical time-unit based combat system to create an endless dungeon crawling experience. You’ll be running illegal salvage on the hulks of destroyed ships, fighting the remnants of security systems (and who knows what else…?!), all while venturing deeper and deeper in search of a big score.

Whether you’re looking for a marathon dungeon delving session on your desktop or a pick up and play session on your mobile device, StarCrawlers is a game that you can enjoy at your pace and return to over and over again.

To find out more information visit the Starcrawlers website and development blog: